“Words Cannot Explain the Impact of my Actions”
Kevin Mills – Founder Volitional Attention Training

VOLITIONAL ATTENTION TRAINING is a method of training a particular set of skills that taps into our wilful mind, it will teach you to access the brain’s processing mechanisms via the mode of attention, this will enable intuitive and natural responses to high stress emotional situations and is the result of many years training and research by its founder, Kevin Mills.

Volitional Attention Training will guide you in creating your own mentality. That in turn will give you the tools to engage aggressive predators, to access the most natural synchronised movement necessary to deal with A Social violence. Not only will this training teach you the physical movement and techniques required to move to an advanced level of combat, it will also teach the psychology required and how to develop very powerful methods of behaviour.

You will learn why we do things we do and how to control and use them to your advantage. When all else fails and you are fighting for your life Volitional Attention Training will provide you with the psychological and physical skills necessary to survive, to protect your love ones and ultimately your life.
Whatever you need to do to make an aggressive violent predator non functional is contained within this training method.

This is not a system, this is a method of advanced combative applications in the worst of situations. It has been designed to provide knowledge, understanding and ability. One of the greatest benefits is that Volitional Attention Training can be bolted onto any existing fighting style or martial art, it can be learnt as a stand alone method or in conjunction with what you already train in.

Volitional Attention Training uses the latest and most up to date research into the workings of the human brain and why our mind thinks the way it does. It will help you develop and create effective and efficient movement, drawing on the field of neural plasticity to ensure spontaneity and intuitive responses. The aim of Volitional Attention Training is nothing short of what is required to survive both mentally and physically when faced with violent and aggressive behaviour and when ultimately your life is on the line.This training provides knowledge and skills to deal with A Social violence. This is not self defence, this is self preservation. it can be included as a module to any combative or martial art program – not for the feint hearted – both group and one on one tuition can be provided.

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