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Come and join us in 2018 and enjoy the “real” Martial Arts Summer Camp experience with a host of top Instructors from around the world in a beautiful setting and friendly atmosphere.

WHEN:Friday 13th – Sunday 15th July 2018

WHY: 2018 will see the BKKU Martial Arts Summer Camp in its 18th year and from it’s very humble beginnings in the middle of a field back in 2001 has now grown to the largest and most looked forward to martial arts summer camp in the UK.   Over the course of two days you will be exposed to some of the world’s most respected and renowned martial arts/combative instructors from across the UK, USA and Europe in back to back inspirational Seminars, all bringing their own particular set of skills and expertise to share with you.   Whether you are new to martial arts or a seasoned martial arts veteran, regardless of style or system, you will not be disappointed – the diversity of the material shared at our Camp means that there truly is something for everyone, your body and brain will ache and your cup will runneth over, So make sure it’s empty when you arrive.  The Camp will start at 7pm on the Friday evening and finish at around 2pm on Sunday. J


THE 2018 INSTRUCTORS: who will be joining Kevin Mills, a much respected and well known figure in the Martial Arts and Combative area, who needs little or no introduction, as the Chief Instructor of the BKKU, and founder of the BKKU Summer Camp,are:-

KEVIN MILLS has trained in American Kenpo for the past 36 years, during which time he has made it his life’s work to constantly improve and evolve both the understanding and execution of his primary Art through the study of psychology and biomechanics.   Kevin is a Published Author – “Secret Science of Modern Martial Arts” – A study of biomechanics and movement during physical confrontation and “Volitional Attention Training (Neural Plasticity and Combative Applications)” – A delve into the world of combative psychology and the workings of the human mind with the aim of fostering an understanding of why we behave the way we do and why violence is so prevalent throughout mankind.   Kevin has also written many articles over the years for MAI including a series on “The Study of Biomechanics within the Martial Arts”, produced the Rapid Impact Combatives DVD series and Founder of Volitional Attention Training – a training method designed for a very specific niche in Combative application for reality based use at the “A Social” level of violence – not for the feint hearted!

Kevin is renowned for his unique skill and ability to make any “effective” martial art the “MOST” effective it can be through correct biomechanical movement which has earnt him the nickname in some circles of Jedi Master of the Martial Arts!

BUDDY MORRISON Buddy is the Owner/Head Instructor of Morrison Tactical Combatives in Tennessee, USA, and specialises in Tactical Firearm Instruction for Law Enforcement and Civilians, Personal Defence Combatives using body weaknesses and nerve manipulation and holds Black Belts in our very own Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate, Torite Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Okinawian Kempo, Isshhin Ryu and Kyusho Jitsu. Buddy is a State of Tennessee Handgun Permit Instructor and a Master Instructor of the CAR (Centre, Axis Relock) System. Not enough for you……there’s more! Visit https://www.dragonsociety.com/team_m…/master-buddy-morrison/

TONY FELIX Our great friend and phenomenal martial artist, will be once more returning to Camp to share his extensive and diverse knowledge over a whole host of Seminars over the weekend. Martial Artists, Camp Veterans and those of you who know Tony will, I know, be very excited at this news. For those of you that haven’t trained with Tony before, are you in for a treat! He really needs no introduction in the Martial Arts world but a little reminder of this gentleman’s history and very how lucky we are to have him back at Camp this year wouldn’t go amiss I think……… Visit http://www.simakuntao.com/?page_id=17

MATS TVERIN Another awesome returning Guest Instructor and long-term friend, will once again be gracing us with his presence and expertise at this year’s Camp. Mats is a regular and very popular instructor at Camp and it is always our pleasure to welcome him back to the UK from his home in Sweden. Again, a high calibre instructor with a wealth of knowledge, a friendly smile, an open heart and a passion for the Art that he teaches.

MIKEY WRIGHT a very popular, talented instructor is also returning this year, to join us to teach at this year’s event, Mikey’s sessions are always thoroughly enjoyed and we are delighted to have him join us once again this year. Mikey has been studying the martial arts for the last 19 years, has a black belt in kickboxing, is a Systema Instructor and an instructor in training under Vladimir Vasiliev at Systema’s HQ in Toronto.

Mikey is also the founder of the phenomenal StrikeCoach, the leading experts in human impact analysis and global suppliers of the PowerKube, which last year was installed at the UFC Headquarters in Las Vegas! As if all the above isn’t enough, Mikey is also an Approach instructor under Guru Eddie Quinn and has recently started training privately with Steve Rowe in Yang family tai chi.

A few words from Mikey “This year, I will be bringing the Strikecoach “Kit” with me and over the course of camp, we will be looking at applying the principles of power generation using the latest scientific technology, along with, of course, covering other material using my collective knowledge of numerous systems – looking forward to a fun packed training weekend with you all!”

OLLI WHITE Olli has been training in American Kenpo for 13 years, having started his training in American Kenpo with the BKKU under his Instructor Mr Kevin Mills, in 2005. Having always had a passion for martial arts from a very young age and having tried various arts growing up, including Judo, Tae Kwon-Do and Shotokan, nothing quite compared. During his time with the BKKU Olli has trained with many prominent martial artists from the UK and around the world and took on a teaching role within the organisation in 2008 which he continues today. Most of you know Olli as he is a steadfast veteran of our Camp and not least the Camp Chef and we are very proud that he will be opening Camp with what will be an awesome Seminar. A few words from Olli “Martial Arts have been a life changing journey for me and has given me the confidence to achieve many goals in both my personal and professional life. Without the BKKU family I wouldn’t be the person I am today”

WHERE:- Polyapes Scout Camp, Blundel Lane, Stoke D’Abernon, Cobham, Surrey, UK, KT11 2SL.

COST: Early Bird Price £180 per person (if paid in full by Monday 30th April 2018) Late Payers £200 per person (if paid after this date)(Group Discounts and Day Rates available – please email jenni.mills@gmail.com for full details)

INCLUDED:  All Seminars over the course of the Camp, Breakfast on Saturday morning, (cereal/toast etc) and on Saturday evening an outstanding, and now “renowned” BBQ Dinner is provided including drinks and a cooked breakfast on Sunday morning after the previous late night’s socializing.

If you have any special dietary or other requirements, please let us know well in advance and we will endeavour to cater for them. You must provide your own meals for the rest of the weekend including Friday evening and throughout the day on Saturday, although there will be freshly made sandwiches to purchase at Camp.    There are a number of places to eat in the area if required, with a local British Pub just down the road that serves excellent food as well as local supermarkets just 5 minutes away.

TICKETS: Tickets can be booked at our Online Shop – please visit www.bkku.com and click on link.

FACILITIES: There are full camping facilities including a large kitchen and shower blocks on site with beautiful grounds (for those of you that want to Camp), in which to pitch your tent, right next door to the main training areas.    For those of you who prefer a roof over your heads, there are bunk beds available in separate Dorms (just bring your sleeping bags and pillows!)

BRING: Your Uniform/Training Gear, a warm change of clothes, camping equipment/sleeping bags, toiletries, a towel, a small amount of money and finally (and this is mandatory and there will be no admittance to Camp without it), a friendly disposition, an open mind and a warm smile


July is wedding season here in the UK and if you are not staying on Camp either in bunks or camping, Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts get booked up very quickly so book early to avoid disappointment. Please email if you require help with finding somewhere to stay.

For venue information see www.polyapes.com www.polyapes.com

Please call 01363 772400 or email jenni.mills@gmail.com if you have any question or require further information.