Scott Mills


Scott Mills started his training in American Kenpo 21 years ago as well as more recently in Volitional Attention Training, predominantly under his dad, the Head and Chief Instructor of the BKKU, Kevin Mills, (who needs no introduction!) and as a result has developed a phenomenal ability and skill in his own right. He is his father’s son!!.  Throughout the years Scott has travelled to numerous martial arts competitions throughout Europe and the USA where he has competed successfully in both sparring, forms and weapon divisions. From his base art of American Kenpo Scott developed his own passion for Mixed Martial Arts and was lucky enough to spend time and train at the Tap Out Centre in Las Vegas, the premier fight training centre in the United States where he had many one on one sessions with Keebo Robinson the Jiu-Jitsu coach for Team Tompkins (Keebo worked and trained with some of the top up and coming and elite fighters in MMA) and has competed in the ring himself.    Scott spent several years as a frontline security supervisor and has worked many doors and events so is well aware of the “reality” of violence.   Scott is a registered Kettlebell Instructor under the Register of Kettlebell Professionals” “RKPS” and in 2014 held the world record for the most powerful hand technique there is measured at the SENI International Combats Sports Show in London on a Strikemate Pro at 130,000 (cu). Dr Andy Galpin with a Strikemate has measured most of the UFC and not one comes within 42k – so pretty impressive!!    Scott was instrumental in helping his dad with the video/photo production of his first book – “The Secret Science of Modern Martial Arts” and features significantly in it.   Scott is a regular Instructor at the annual BKKU Martial Arts Summer Training Camp, and has taught Seminars around the country.  “Words Cannot Explain the Impact of My Actions” – SCOTT MILLS