“To live is to change, and to obtain perfection is to change often”

Senior Grand Master Edmund K Parker – Founder American Kenpo.

Private Lessons are an excellent way to work on specific areas of your martial arts training, under the guidance of a Senior Instructor.   Lessons can include training on:

  • Basics
  • Self Defence Techniques
  • Sparring, tactics and principles
  • Groundwork
  • Drills
  • Grading syllabus
  • Stick/knife/staff
  • Forms (Katas) and their application
  • Volitional Attention Training

Private Lessons will have a very positive influence on your training, will expand your knowledge and optimise learning and will enable the Instructor to adapt techniques to suit an individual’s strengths and weaknesses if required.    You can work on areas in which you feel you are weak or on areas that you simply wish to improve on.

In a group class, it’s simply impossible for the instructor to focus totally on one student, so you must rely on your training partners to help you learn the techniques. In private lessons, your instructor is your partner for every technique, so they can physically feel all of your movements and provide instant feedback on every detail.

Our Instructors have a unique style developed and refined over many years of teaching and training. In private lessons, you may learn your instructor’s secret techniques as well as key strategies that are often overlooked, undiscovered, or simply too complex to teach in a group class.

You will have undivided one on one attention for the whole lesson and will be encouraged to ask questions and test theories and principles through paying mindful attention.

It is common for students to request private lessons when they are lacking in confidence to jump straight into class and need to get used to the environment and training method or for students who are unable to attend class for any length of time due to work or holidays etc to maintain their training.

These lessons are booked per hour but may be extended if you wish and are arranged to suit.