MINI MASTERS 4-6 Year Olds

The Success4Life Mini Masters training programme will enhance POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT in a FUN, SAFE and MOTIVATING WAY for your young child.   Watch as they develop, not only their martial arts skills, but also the key skills necessary to survive and thrive, in today’s world

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If we told you that, as well as teaching your children a most effective martial art, we could also help your child improve in any one of the following areas, would you be interested?

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MAJOR MASTERS 10-12 Year Olds

The Success4Life Major Master Training Program is based on a detailed and scientific Kenpo martial arts syllabi that focuses on improving not only basic motor, listening and life skills, but will challenge your child by adding more of the practical martial arts training and increasing the level of intensity

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CADETS 13-16 Year Olds

The Cadet Training Program is for young people aged 13 to 16. Teenagers find this advanced Martial Arts program to be high energy, exciting and motivating.   Your child will enjoy the workout as well as make life long friends built through exercising and training with young people who have similar goals.

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There are many different martial arts out there today, that makes choosing one, a lottery, so a word of advice, research what you are entering into.   There are many martial arts organisations out there with instructors of limited or little experience with no lineage, that have no defined syllabi for different ages, choosing to teach the same material to every age group, including adults!   That’s like sending your child to school where there is only one classroom and everyone is expected to learn the same material regardless of age or developmental stage let alone taking into account any other considerations, such as disabilities.   Most parents and even some martial arts instructors have no idea what damage can occur when maladaptive behaviour is taught to children.   It is therefore vitally important that the martial art you choose for your child to learn, has knowledgable, experienced, established instructors to not only teach your child the respective martial art discipline, but to do so in a safe and effective manner with attention paid to correct biomechanical movement, physical and mental health, as well as instilling a sense of respect, self-esteem and confidence to aid your child as they mature and become young adults.


“A fantastic way to introduce your children to martial arts. It helps them focus, teaches them discipline, and gives them invaluable life skills. Mr and Mrs Mills are brilliant instructors, so obviously passionate about what they do, and they can help even the most shy and introverted children to get the most out of their sessions and gain a huge amount of self-confidence. Would highly recommend!”
Helen Patterson
“A fantastic environment where children flourish in the knowledge that their potentials will be valued and their efforts rewarded by loving, caring and fair instructors. I could never thank Jenni and Kevin enough for the progress my child has made as a person even more than as a mini.”
Antonella Freschi
“Fantastic! !! My son has learnt so much since training. …his confidence has grown and grown which is something he struggled with…the care and support from Mr and Mrs Mills is just amazing. We are so proud to be a part of this school”
“Absolutely amazing. Instructors are awesome. The amount the children learn is intense but the rewards are so beneficial. Watching them grow into confident young adults as a result of the excellent teaching from Mr and Mrs Mills. Very happy at this Club”
Hannah Littler
“A fab club where children are positively encouraged and enabled to achieve their full potential. I can’t speak highly enough of the coaches. They have the perfect balance of discipline, high expectations and mutual respect.”
Claire Bates
“A brilliant class with great Instructors. Children grow and develop so much!”
Samantha Cordey
“My daughter started at the Success4Life School in the Mini class when she was 4 years old. 4 years down the line we now have a confident, strong little girl who looks forward to every lesson to see the friends that she has made there and the instructors who make you feel like being part of a big family”
Matthew Archer

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