Kevin Mills

Head and Chief Instructor of the British Kenpo Karate Union

Kevin Mills is the Head and Chief Instructor of the British Kenpo Karate Union and has trained in American Kenpo for the past 36 years, achieving his 1st Degree Black Belt in 1987.   Throughout his martial arts lifetime, Kevin has entered numerous semi/full contact competitions with great success and has coached a great many competitors to victory! Has judged many divisions at international martial arts tournaments throughout the world and has made it his life’s work to constantly improve and evolve both the understanding and execution of his primary Art through the study of psychology and biomechanics.   Kevin is a Published Author and writer  – “Secret Science of Modern Martial Arts” – A study of biomechanics and movement during physical confrontation and “Volitional Attention Training (Neural Plasticity and Combative Applications)” – A delve into the world of combative psychology and the workings of the human mind with the aim of fostering an understanding of why we behave the way we do and why violence is so prevalent throughout mankind.  Noted as a “must have in your collection” by prominent martial artists worldwide, this book was awarded the Best Book of the Year Award at the 2016 British Martial Arts Awards.    Kevin has also written many articles over the years for prominent martial arts magazines, including a series on “The Study of Biomechanics within the Martial Arts”, has produced the highly acclaimed Rapid Impact Combatives DVD series and is the Founder of Volitional Attention Training – a training method designed for a very specific niche in Combative application for reality based use at the “A Social” level of violence.    In 2001 Mr Mills founded the annual BKKU International Martial Arts Summer Training Camp with the aim of openly exposing our members and fellow martial artists in the UK to some of the most top class Martial Arts and Combative Instructors from around the world.  This Camp has grown year after year and is now the most looked forward to event in the BKKU Calendar attracting Instructors and attendees from all over the world.

He is an inductee into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2011 and 2014 for his outstanding commitment, achievement, excellence and development of the Martial Arts in the United Kingdom and around the world, and is the recipient of a “Martial Arts Legend” award.

Kevin teaches both group lessons and private students as well as Seminars/Courses and is renowned for his very unique skill and ability to make any “effective” martial art the “MOST” effective it can be through correct biomechanical movement which has earnt him the nickname in some circles of Jedi Master of the Martial Arts!   

“To date Kenpo has been a whole life experience, one which I have shared with my wife Jenni, and all my family. My son trains, my daughter trained, my grandchildren train. I have travelled and made friends around the globe, this in turn has enriched my journey.    I have met those who train in martial arts and are less fortunate than me, these individuals have taught me that life should be appreciated and not to take things for granted. I have come to understand that knowledge should be shared and not hidden and kept from view.  No one has all the answers, but I have a lot!   Ask me a question and I will take pleasure in answering and if I don’t know I will find out!” – KEVIN MILLS