“A True Martial Artist is not one who fears change but one who causes it to happen”
Senior Grand Master Edmund K Parker – Founder American Kenpo.

By choosing Kenpo for your martial arts training, you will be learning a Martial Art Science for modern day living that will help you get back in touch with efficient body mechanics and understand that the body is controlled by the mind and is a skilful, powerful and highly complex human machine.

During lessons, you will explore movement in such a way that you will understand that when aligned in the correct manner, with good structural support, you will be stronger than you ever thought possible. You will study mechanisms and ways to think to help you move with speed and purpose, linked with a thought process designed to support your intentions and actions. Through your training, you will discover the most efficient and effective way of executing Kenpo and, indeed, any Martial Art.

There are no barriers to gender, physique, age, background or ability. Children as well as adults of all ages can benefit from training in Kenpo at various levels. Established in 1981, we are here to help you to achieve whatever goals you may choose from your training. This can range from gaining more confidence and assertiveness for effective self defence, to fitness, personal development and improved physical and mental health, as well as, of course, any other challenge you may set for yourself.

The training and guidance you will receive from our fully qualified, experienced instructors, coupled with the help and support of the more senior Kenpo students, will make for some exhilarating and fun training sessions.