Mr Giddings has been training in American Kenpo for 24 years having started his training in his early teens on the Island of Jersey, around 1993 where he trained for a short time with Mr Roy MacDonald. After taking a few years break from Kenpo, Mr Giddings moved to Exeter in Devon and joined the BKKU in 1999 at the Exeter University Club, moving to London 3 years later where he continued his training at the BKKU London Club under Mr Igor Ledochowski. In 2009, Mr Giddings graded to 1st Degree Black Belt under the direct recommendation and endorsement of Mr Roy Maunder and continued to assist as an Assistant Instructor at the London Club for several years, eventually taking over as Head Instructor of the club in 2015. Today, Mr Giddings travels regularly to Exeter to maintain his own training and development with his Instructor, Associate Master Kevin Mills. “Kenpo has been part of who I am for over half my life. It’s been a source of social confidence and helped me to accept that my body is not too small. It’s contributed to improving my posture, which was noticeably poor before I began to understand its importance in the context of self defence. Kenpo also revealed to me that I had the potential to excel at physical activities, something that I couldn’t have believed about myself in my childhood – I’m proud to be in a position to share Kenpo with others and thankful to all those who’ve shared it with me.” – ALEX GIDDINGS