Kenpo is known as a street wise self defence fighting system, and a thinking person’s art.  It has many different methods of moving contained within it, you will see fast hands and feet, good timing, power, reaction speed, fighting ability, ground working, locks and holds, slow flowery movement, self defence techniques, hard forms, the list goes on and all this backed up with principles and theories.    However, Kenpo is so much more than that, it is a system of conveying martial movement and understanding so that the student will ask questions and push the boundaries of what they know and how they move. This takes time,  it’s no quick fix, but if followed, will produce an individual with outstanding power and skill.

The Kenpo system was not designed to stand still, if the idea behind teaching a student is for them to ask questions and push themselves to qualify the art, then the art needs to be prepared to change, ‘to evolve’.      A thinking art should be an intelligent one and an intelligent, open-minded individual, when faced with something that no longer makes sense, or clearly has been surpassed by a more effective alternative, should be the first to seek an alternative option.

At the BKKU we have an understanding of science and how it relates to biomechanical movement, along with a deep understanding of human behaviour and psychology which we have encompassed into the art to take it to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness, letting go of the old and embracing the new, our Instructors have the knowledge and experience to teach this.