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I’ve known Jenni and Kevin Mills for 18 years. I started training under their instruction at age 24 and was instantly welcomed into their Kenpo family, which stretches around the globe.

What really sets the Mills and the BKKU apart is their dedication to their students and the constant furtherance of their own knowledge. It’s more than just another style of self defence. Under their tutelage I’ve come to understand so much about the science of Kenpo and combative systems and that is what really stokes my interest.

Over the years my journey in Kenpo has waxed and waned as personal circumstances dictated, but I have always been grateful for and loved the open-door policy at the BKKU and the warm friendship offered by the Mills family.

Now in my forties, I find myself back on the mats, with a child of my own also training. Kenpo has evolved in my absence and I am exposed to “new but old” material which feels grounded in science and reason. Not that it ever felt overly steeped in tradition in the past, just that this time around it resonates for different reasons; but most importantly, I still have that sense of being very much at home at the BKKU.

Steve Carman
In my many years of connecting with the Kenpo Community around the world. I have been fortunate to find some awesome and extremely talented martial artists out there. Ones who get the joy of the learning and teaching process as well as providing a rich feeding ground for those who seek it to come and train. Some of these individuals never stop learning and spreading their acquired knowledge. They live above politics and focus on what matters most. One such person is a man I call my brother and friend. His name is Kevin Mills and he is the Head and Senior Instructor of the British Kenpo Karate Union (“BKKU”). I would highly recommend the BKKU as a safe and flourishing organization to be a part of to learn the art of Kenpo.
Ed Parker Jr. - Founder of Paxtial Arts - Peaceful Conflict Solutions - http://www.paxtialarts.com/founders-notes
As part of the last generation to have worked with SGM Ed Parker as well as being included as the youngest in the book “The Journey” I am more than aware of who is who in American Kenpo. My Journey has allowed me to meet many carriers of the Kenpo Flame from all over the world. Some have stood out in a class of their very own, and one such person is Associate Master Kevin Mills. Kevin Mills has a rare trait that is seldom seen in the world of Kenpo, it is truth, honour and mutual respect from both his students as well as his peer group. My introduction in meeting him came from Ed Parker Jr. back in the summer of 2007. I was not only welcomed with a warm feeling of brotherhood by the BKKU but he himself was waiting for me at the London Airport with a handshake and a smile to go with it. He is not an amateur but is a professional when it comes to teaching, lecturing or coaching those who seek his expertise. Many generations have come about as Leaders and Seniors of our art of American Kenpo and I feel strongly in saying that Associate Kevin Mills is right up there in line with all the other Masters who not only walk the walk but talk the talk and that is as much as important in knowing our art as both a Science and a Martial Art.
Sean P Kelley, 8th Degree Black Belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate System and President of the Chinese Karate Federation (CKF) - http://chinesekaratefederation.com/about/sean-p-kelley/
During my endeavour around the world in Martial Arts in the past 40 years it is inevitable that from time to time you get into touch with some very special people. Special people to me are those who are openminded, friendly, welcoming and sharing from the heart with you. The UK has provided me in the past with several occasions to train some special things in Martial Arts as well as places to visit and spent some beautiful time explore something of the heritage of their past, their struggles and battles to survive from the Normans in ancient times and come out with a mixture of so much very interesting things to think about, to study on and to really enjoy.Each time when I visited the UK I really did meet with some very special opportunities, happenings and most of all people. For a long time the BKKU was only a name to me I knew from MA-magazines, internet, meeting with some members passing by and saying “hello” while at tournaments or so. Maybe I even did shake hands with Kevin Mills and his people, years ago, until it became a real and substantial handshake with him and his wife Jenni and others, when they supported the IKC Golden Kenpo Karate Championships in 2006 in Holland, celebrating 50 years of Mr. Parker”s Kenpo Karate. In 2007 I did meet again with Kevin in Belgium and really enjoyed his openminded, friendly and easy way of communicating some of his knowledge with us. At IKC 2008 on the isle of Jersey, we had some more contacts in between seminars and during the tournament and that might have given a lead for Kevin”s invitation to me to come over as a guest-instructor at the yearly BKKU Summer Camp. All I can say is that my students and I really had a fantastic camp. Fantastic meaning: Warm and friendly people, willing to learn, sharing their knowledge, with a lot of jokes, no politics at all, training from the soft into the real hard stuff and vice versa, with great respect, just name it and it was there. From the Heart I say, Highest Regards., Always in support
Hans Hesselmann - Kenpo Holland.
I had been gearing myself up to learn a martial art for quite some time and had never got around to doing it. The final straw came in a road rage incident with a guy twice the size of me. I just knew if he had decided to attack me physically I wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it, I was also more concerned about how I would protect my nearest and dearest?! So the next day I jumped on the Internet and started talking to Jenni one of the Instructors, I explained my situation and she persuaded me to give it a trial and thankfully I did. I’ve been going for over 3 months now and I can honestly say I love it. It’s hard to put into words, but for me Kenpo teaches you a lot more than simply how to fight. I’m learning patience and discipline, two qualities which quite honestly I’ve never had before to such a degree. There’s a great atmosphere during training and the knowledge, skill and patience of the instructors is phenomenal and I believe you would be hard pressed to find this elsewhere, certainly in the South West. If you are serious about learning a martial art in Exeter and you think it’s time, please look no further than the B.K.K.U – absolutely brilliant!
Jonathan Hydon
Kevin and Jenni Mills are true legends in the Martial Art world, with a well respected and successful Organisation. Kevin is a pioneer in Kenpo, with a vast amount of experience, talent and experience. We in Jersey were truly honoured to welcome Kevin and Jenni to our large International Training camp in Jersey in 2016. The response and feedback was amazing from all the 16 countries that participated. Both are such talented Black belts. Kevin is renowned and respected throughout the Kenpo world and I am so proud of their achievements and friendship. Salute to both
Roy MacDonald 9th Degree Black Belt - Chief Instructor IKKA Jersey Kenpo Karate - http://www.kenpojersey.co.uk/mr-roy-macdonald