• American Kenpo : Martial Arts Self Defence for Adults and Improving Childrens Focus

    SGM Edmund K Parker American Kenpo Karate - Street Self Defence was founded by SGM Edmund K Parker who was born in Honolulu. He grew up in the rugged environment of the Honolulu backstreet, where he developed a reputation as a fierce and fearless “blalah” (brawler).

    He studied Kenpo, one of the original Chinese styles of Kung Fu or Karate, under Professor William K S Chow and soon became the Professor’s protégé. This became a foundation upon which he would later build one of the most creative and innovative styles in the world.

    The BKKU Headquarters are based in Exeter, Devon with Studios around the country, including London.

    We cater for adults and Children from all walks of life and pride ourselves on ensuring that our students receive the best possible instruction necessary to achieve the standard of Kenpo upon which the BKKU name has been built.

    Martial Arts Self Defence for children and Adults


    The Chief Instructor of the BKKU is Associate Master of the Arts – Kevin J Mills – who has written several books and produced DVDS as well as working hard to continually expand his already extensive knowledge of the art, which he passes down to our Instructors for the ultimate benefit of our students. All of our Instructors are professional, friendly and approachable and this is reflected in our students who become part of our “Kenpo family” which extends around the world.

    The junior training arm of the BKKU is the Success4Life Junior Black Belt School, under which classes have been painstakingly developed to enhance and maximise learning through four specific age related programs with the aim of producing the highest of standards and skill set in the next generation of martial artists.    Your children will learn invaluable life skills as well as the most effective proven self defence in a safe, fun and family-oriented environment under the instruction of professional instructors of many years experience and standing in the Martial Arts community.   To learn more visit www.s4ljuniorblackbeltschool.com or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Success4LifeJuniorBlackBeltSchool.   

    If you have any questions, would like to know more about the BKKU or are interested in attending any of our classes or events, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Please send emails to info@bkku.com , or Phone +44(0) 1363 772400 or +44(0) 7912 639170

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  • Paul King

    Paul is now in his 40th year of training in martial arts as an adult and has trained it, Kenpo Karate, Kempo Jujitsu, Goshin Jutsu Dacayana Eskrima.and Open Circle Fighting Method. Paul has had the honour to train and grade under some amazing and great instructors and indeed is priviliged to have been graded by the founder of every style he has trained in. The style of Kempo Jujitsu that

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